Api - Modern beekeeping


- Bottling technology and supplies

- Beekeeping technology (Inverto, evaporator …)


For whom?

- for beekeepers and small food manufacturers

- for private and non-industrial use

Our established formic-acid-evaporator against the Varroa-mite is now available for the professional beekeeper.

Double pack.

Including Cramps for fixing Fleece Cloth!

Evaporator Nassenheider horizontal with Drip trays (Two-Pack)

including U-wicks and 2 pieces of fleece cloth.

NEW 2014 including Cramps for fixing Fleece Cloth!

Pack, suitable for the treatment of two bee colonies.

Conveyance pump with steplessly regulatable motor speed. For use with the pump head ´L´and the impeller.

The Fill up 2+ with gear pump head "M" for micro dosage:
- very precise
- super compact
- easiest operation
- gear pump head "M"


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