Api - Modern beekeeping


- Bottling technology and supplies

- Beekeeping technology (Inverto, evaporator …)


For whom?

- for beekeepers and small food manufacturers

- for private and non-industrial use


NASSENHEIDER universal - unser neuer Ameisensäureverdunster -

für den Einbau in Ihr eigenes Rähmchen!

Verpackungseinheit: 2 Stück (Doppelpack, bereits vormontiert); 45 Doppelpacks / Karton

Lieferung ohne Rähmchen!


NASSENHEIDER universal - unser neuer Ameisensäureverdunster -

schon eingebaut in ein Kunststoffrähmchen.

Verpackungseinheit: 1 Stück (bereits vormontiert); 24 Stück / Karton

Der Preis gilt für 1 Stück, einbeaut in ein Rähmchen.

Conveyance pump with steplessly regulatable motor speed. For use with the pump head ´L´and the impeller.

The Fill up 2+ with gear pump head "M" for micro dosage:
- very precise
- super compact
- easiest operation
- gear pump head "M"

The basic set for beekeepers

- compact

- versatile

- affordable

... including all neccessary components for honey bottling.

Nassenheider Fill up 2 including our big turntable and everything you need for bottling honey.

A Fill Up 2+ visco combined with two small peristaltic pump heads (302008) and (302009) . The motor speed has to raised from 100 to 300/ min, so an adapter plate is used (302007).

The world's smallest full automatic bottler!

Turntable Ø 65 cm, set with Nassenheider Fill up 2 visco (Art.-No. 301001) honey bottling machine basic set.

Alls necessary accessories to bottle honey are included, pleasae have a look at the Tab "included parts"!


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