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Combo M-ZM


The Fill up 2+ with gear pump head "M" for micro dosage:
- very precise
- super compact
- easiest operation
- gear pump head "M"

Article Nr.:  301055
Price:   On request

Delivery time 2-3 weeks
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We just combined the pumphead "M" of the Fill up 2+ liquid with the driving module of the Fill up 2+ visco. The result is a tiny filling machine for higher viscose, but still fluid products.

Filling of precious products
The miniature filler is perfectly fitted for dosing
of extremely expensive products like:
- gelee royale
-  some synthetic resins
- water based adhesives
- thermal heat sink paste
- silicone paste

Highest precision when filling
The strong reduction enables you to fill high-viscose liquids with an accuracy of +/- 0,3 grams with this machine. Therefore your precious products can be filled economically into small tins, etc..

We recommend filling amounts of 2-25 ml.

Technical data
volume flow rate:                               530 ml / min
filling accuracy:                                  +/- 0,3 g
recommended filling amount:        2-25 ml
possible nozzle-Ø:                            10 mm
funnel volume:                                    5 liters (Combo M-M)
motor:                                                  24 VDC, 13-100/min

Materials, coming in contact with the product:
Funnel:                                             stainless steel AISI 304 / A2
Pumphead :                                     Plastic- PVDF or optional stainless steel
Cogwheels:                                      Plastic- PVDF or optional stainless steel
Lid for pumphead:                          stainless steel AISI 304 / A2
shafts inside the pumphead:       stainless steel AISI 304 / A2
Seals for the shaft:                         Rubber NBR
Seal for the pumphead:                 Rubber NBR


- Fill Up 2+/250 (Art.Nr.: 301059)

- Gear pump head "M" (Art.Nr.: 302045)

- Adapter visco - gear pump head "S" or "M" (Art.Nr.: 302051)


- Stand (70 cm hight), with 20 x 40 cm profile (Art.Nr.: 303006)



- Funnel/ container, 5 l, 60° (Art.Nr.: 305021)

- Lid for funnel Fill Up liquid 5l (Art.Nr.: 305024)


- Foot-switch with 5-pin-plug (Art.Nr.: 303029)


- Wedge nozzle, inner Ø 10 mm, hard quality (Art.Nr.: 306032)


- Turntable Ø 65 cm/ 26" mini (Art.Nr.: 303017)

- Combo M-S (Art.Nr.: 301018)

- Combo M-M (Art.Nr.: 301019)

Abfüllung von Gelée Royale / Bottling of royal jelly


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