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Conveyance pump


Conveyance pump with steplessly regulatable motor speed. For use with the pump head ´L´and the impeller.

Article Nr.:  301027

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This pump is for conveying/tank-to-tank pumping of honey or bees feeding syrup. It can also be used to convey a product into a funnel. Pumping direction and motor speed can be steplessly regulated with a lever. Many of our pump heads can be connected to it, e.g. the pump head „L“ (for honey and bees feeding syrup), the impeller pump head (for jams), or even the peristaltic pump head (for less viscous liquids). Please choose the suitable pump head for your task under „Compatible articles“ on our website, article number 301027.

This pump can optionally be switched on/off by a wireless socket (available as accessory).

This pump cannot be used as a dispenser.


Technical data:

Conveyance pump LB with gear pump head „L“
Motor speed regulation via lever

Conveyance power:
Bees feeding syrup up to 450 kg/h
Honey up to 300 kg/h

230 V 50 Hz
110 W
230 r/min
Protection class IP23
Class of insulation F
Operating mode S1
Mmax 12 Nm
Connection cable 1,5 m



- Gear pump head "L" for the Fill Up Visco, POM (Art.Nr.: 302001)

- Hose, Ø 40 mm / 1 1/2", PVC (Art.Nr.: 304002)

- Pipe bend 90°, with flange and bending sideways, Ø 40 mm (Art.Nr.: 304001)

- Gear pump head "L" for the Fill Up 2 Visco, AISI 316L (Art.Nr.: 302014)

- Gear pump head "L" - for Fill Up 2 Visco (Art.Nr.: 302041)

- "Impeller" pump head - for Fill Up 2 Visco, PETP (Art.Nr.: 302042)


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